We are excited to announce yet another expansion of our taproom hours. Beginning this week, we are now pulling our weekday opening time back to 3:00PM, adding in Mondays, and opening Fridays at NOON! In addition to opening earlier, we are also planning to stay open a little later each night, but will take this on a day-to-day basis.

If you've been to the taproom lately, you may have notice a higher number of beers available on draft and in growlers. Head Brewer Keith Antul has been brewing beer like crazy to meet demand, and we've finally hit a nice balance. Around this time last year, our draft list will likely have featured about 8 different beers. Today, we have TWENTY on draft and plan to keep that number up there. Check out our draft list for what's current!


MON - THU     3p - 10:30p
FRI - SUN     12p - 10:30p