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American IPA - 6.6%

Medusa's inaugural American-style IPA has gone through multiple iterations before settling on its present incarnation, generously kettle-hopped and dry-hopped with voluminous quantities of American Cascade and New Zealand Rakau hops: the former lending its classical blend of grapefruit citrus and floral notes, the latter offering a remarkably complex array of stone fruit character. New England-grown 2-row malts and a touch of Patagonian crystal malts keep the body light, dry, and crisp. This batch was additionally infused with a balanced addition of blood orange for a little extra boost in the citrus department!

5 oz. $3 | 13 oz. $6 | 16 oz.  $7    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $9 | 64 oz. $17


American IPA - 6.6%

Our rotating series of American-style IPAs hopped exclusively with Southern Hemisphere varieties from Australia and New Zealand. The hop-growing terroir of these countries has taken the beer-drinking world by storm with their remarkable array of intense, fruity and tropical hops that marry well with modern interpretations of the India Pale Ale style. The core of Albatross! is a simple base of New England-grown 2-row and German malted wheat, but it's the ever-evolving cast of unique hops that make each batch an exciting new experiment for your palate! This round features Nelson Sauvin, Vic Secret, and Green Bullet.

5 oz. $3 | 13 oz. $5 | 16 oz.  $6    ♦   CANS to go:  $14 / 4-pack | $84 / case


Belgian Pale Ale w/Cherries & Raspberries - 7.5%

Sometimes our Belgian-style Pale Ale GOOD OMEN takes a turn for the sinister after a diabolical infusion of pureed raspberries and cherries, transforming it into BAD OMEN.  The signature fruity esters, derived from a classic Trappist yeast strain, dovetail nicely with the red berry notes.  Slightly tart, with a perception of sweetness before a dry finish.

5 oz. $3 | .4L  $6    ♦   CANS to go:  $14 / 4-pack | $84 / case


New England IPA - 6.9%

Medusa's first definitive foray into our region's indigenous style of India Pale Ale, SOFT MACHINE is crafted with Maine-grown 2-Row and an extra-healthy potion of flaked oats and wheat to promote a soft, smooth mouthfeel and that telltale haze. Yeast-driven stonefruit esters are intertwined with vibrant tropical citrus fruit notes from the dry-hopping trifecta of Galaxy, Citra, and Mosaic.  Conditioned 

5 oz. $3 | 13 oz. $6 | 16 oz.  $7    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $9 | 64 oz. $17


Belgian Blonde - 7.3%

This golden ale was fermented with a traditional Belgian Abbey strain lending classic esters of fruit and spice; we’ve hopped it entirely with Australian Summer to accentuate it with subtle, refreshing citrus and melon notes.

5 oz. $3 | .4L  $6    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $8 | 64 oz. $15


West Coast IPA - 7.2%

A bit of a departure from the current trend of intense citrus in the modern hop palate, this old-school IPA utilizes Simcoe, Chinook, and Cascade to impart distinctly piney, resinous, dank fruit flavors alongside a firm bitterness and a touch more body.

5 oz. $3 | 13 oz. $5 | 16 oz.  $6    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $8 | 64 oz. $15


Belgian Dubbel - 7.2%

A deep amber ale with dark fruit and caramel character. A classic Trappist yeast strain accents this rich concoction.

5 oz. $3 | .4L  $6    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $8 | 64 oz. $15


Cream Ale - 5.8%

A perennial favorite at the Medusa taproom, our cream ale is constructed from a blend of Maine-grown 2-row barley and German Pilsner malts. Then, true to style, the body is kept light and dry through judicious use of organic brown rice, then delicately hopped with Mandarina Bavaria for a bit of additional nuance. Delightfully refreshing in warmer weather, Luminary is nonethless profoundly crushable any time of the year!

5 oz. $2 | 13 oz. $4 | 16 oz.  $5    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $7 | 64 oz. $13


Single Hop American Pale Ale - 5.5%

Each edition of this rotating series of American Pale Ales highlights a single hop.  We begin with a simple grist of Maine-grown 2-Row, malted wheat, and light Patagonian crystal malt for a clean, dry, and highly drinkable body.  An abundant dry-hopping of the featured variety ensures that all the charms and nuances -- be they citrusy, fruity, grassy, or floral -- remain on full display in a quaffable package. This round features Hull Melon, a unique hop from Germany with gentle notes of honeydew melon and berry.

5 oz. $3 | 13 oz. $5 | 16 oz.  $6    ♦   CANS to go:  $14 / 4-pack | $84 / case


Belgian Witbier - 5.0%

Fresh orange zest, cracked Indian coriander, and dried chamomile flowers were steeped in the kettle to give this Belgian-style ale its classic herbal, citrus character. Mashed with a very large portion of unmalted wheat and flaked oats.

5 oz. $3 | .4L  $6    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $8 | 64 oz. $15


Hoppy Saison - 6.3%

Fermented with a traditional farmhouse yeast, our dry-hopped saison begins with citrusy, lemony notes from Sorachi Ace and Centennial hops, and then finishes clean and dry.

5 oz. $3 | .4L  $6    ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $8 | 64 oz. $15


Weizenbock - 8.5%

The final entry in our trilogy of German-style wheat ales, weizenbocks boast a more significant body and dark fruit character, coupled with the familiar yeast characteristics of banana and clove.

5 oz. $3 | 12 oz. $6   ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $9 | 64 oz. $17



Wheat Wine - 9.0%

For our 500th batch through the brewhouse, we bring you INCARNATE, a wheat wine fashioned from an enormous grist of malted German wheat, American 2-row, and both caramel and flaked wheat.  This strong, hazy, amber ale has soft mouthfeel with a nuanced graininess, touched up with a balanced kettle hopping of Citra, Cascade, Mosaic, and Simcoe.  We hope you enjoy it, and we're looking forward to the next 500 batches! 

5 oz. $3 | 12 oz. $7   ♦   Growler Fills:  32 oz. $11 | 64 oz. $21



CAN RELEASE: DRAGON, WOLF, & FOX - New England IPA - 12/20

CAN RELEASE: DUCHOVNI - Czech Pilsner - 12/20

DRAGON, WOLF, & FOX - New England IPA - 12/20

DUCHOVNI - Czech Pilsner - 12/20

CASK: BLOOD ORANGE PROSPEROUS w/Organge Zest and Citra - 12/21

CASK: MERRIWEATHER w/Bramling Cross - 12/23 or 12/24




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