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SAY PÃU - The Brazilian Bite for Cheese Lovers!


1:00PM - 7:00PM

Service in the Taproom

 The saypao was born through the Brazilian brothers dream to conquer the american market with Pão de Queijo, traditional recipe from their land.  In partnership with Forno de Minas (Forno Foods), the brothers built a food truck Say Pao de Queijo inaugurated in April/2018. The menu, developed by Brazilian Chef offers many options of sandwiches combining: American, Brazilian and Peruvian food. Our menu will work as a Food Lab, during the season many combinations will be tested in order of discover the best recipes. A Food Truck concept was a best way to deliver this experience to more people.


Home Style Pork

 Delicious Brazilian Homestyle Pork with marinated Onion and Mayonnaise served on Pão de Queijo 

Pão de Queijo CheeseBurger

 Cheese Burger served on Pão de Queijo topped with lettuce, tomato and bacon sauce

Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken served in Pão de Queijo topped with Tomato, Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce 


 Traditional Mediterranean recipe: Pesto, Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella served on Pão de Queijo