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Geeks Who Drink Trivia Night!

Join us for an exciting game of trivia in the taproom from GEEKS WHO DRINK!


Geeks Who Drink

More about Geeks Who Drink...


Who are you?

Geeks Who Drink is a Denver-based company that hosts Bar Trivia at over 600 pubs and restaurants in 35 states. Our quiz is a collective effort of dozens of quizmasters, writers, fact-checkers, graphic designers and artists.


What’s a pub quiz?

Simply, a quiz game played in a pub. It's an Anglo-Irish tradition, but our goal is the same: to foster friendly competition, and promote social drinking. A noble cause!


Isn't that just “trivia night”?

No, and no. Most so-called “trivia nights” consist of either an MP3J reading Trivial Pursuit cards in between bad music, or a bunch of people staring at TVs with buzzers in hand. Our quiz burns through nearly 70 multimedia questions in two exciting hours. The quizmaster gets to know the players, and smack talk flying around in all directions is pretty much par for the course.


Does it cost anything?

With rare exceptions, no. You should buy food and drinks though. Our business model is no big secret: We drive business to our host venues or we get fired. So just ordering water is NOT cool. Plus, fish have sex in that stuff. 


Do I need to sign up beforehand or can I just show up and play?

Just show up. Team size is limited to six. Play solo if you'd like, but don't blame us if you're lonely.


All right, so what’s in it for me?

Besides a couple hours of free entertainment, the topteams get bar gift certificates. Plus there are chances to win free pints (or gift-certificate equivalents) for answering five bonus questions throughout the evening. We also have bizarre prizes courtesy of our weekly Bonus Email Question. Finally, your team can revel in the eternal glory of having your photo posted on this here website.


Is the quiz hard?

In general, the quiz starts off easy and progresses in difficulty as the night goes on. Also, the quiz is set up to reward the most versatile teams. Most folks over 35 will be stumped on questions about the Xbox 360, while most folks under 35 know little about the Reagan years. And just about everyone is stumped when we throw in a round on country music.

To get a feel for our questions check out a sample round here.


What's the quiz format like?

The quiz consists of eight rounds of eight questions each, played by teams of up to six people. Questions are read aloud by the quizmaster and teams write down the answers, turning them in at the end of each round.

Rounds 1,  4 and 6 are themed rounds – anything from “Eight Questions About Sex That Won’t Make You Too Uncomfortable” to “TV Shows Your Parents Watch.” Round 2 is a music round worth double points: name the artist and title for each song clip. Round 3 is a multiple choice round or a speed round. Round 5 is a visual round based on a printed handout. The all-audio Round 7 usually covers movies or TV shows, and is worth the standard eight points. Finally, Round 8 is always 16 points on Random Knowledge.

One round can be jokered, doubling your points for that round only (yes, the 16-point rounds are fair game). The team with the most points after eight rounds is the winner.


But I want to play for money!

You’ll get a chance! Throughout the year, we host themed quizzes devoted to various pop-culture canons (The Simpsons, Harry Potter, South Park) which are pay-to-play, usually $5 per person, and winner-takes-all. Additionally, Geeks Who Drink runs numerous Quiz For A Cause events for various charities.

Then there’s always Geek Bowl, the annual January championship where the top teams take home thousands of hard-earned dollars…


Where can I play the quiz?

Please see our schedule.


Can I play more than one night a week, or is it the same quiz over and over again?

Yes, you can play every night. Each quiz is original so please, go nuts! We don’t repeat questions for at least two years and even then, the odds of encountering a repeat are as likely as seeing Paris Hilton on Charlie Rose – the show or the person.


Are you looking for new quizmasters?

Always! Please fill out an online application or contact or 303-532-4737 ext. 803.


Are you looking for question writers?

Yes, but we have high standards. If you’re going to send us questions on Kentucky Derby winners, the name of the plane that dropped the A Bomb, or suggest “My Little Pony or Porn Star,” we won’t be impressed. Send inquiries to our editor,