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Pub Theology: Mixing Spirit with Spirits

Medusa Brewing Company and the Unitarian Church of Matlborough and Hudson are pleased to offer "Pub Theology: Mixing Spirit with Spirits". Welcoming Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, others, and people who identify as "spiritual but not religious" to gather together talk and commune as those who want to enjoy some locally brewed (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) spirits. Join Roberta Altamari (the Director of Lifelong Learning at UCMH) every other Thursday at 7pm to talk "respectfully" about some deep reflections.  Examples of our non-denominational theological discussion themes include ...


September 29

What would it be like to "love" the "hell" out of our world? There are many beliefs across our world about what happens when we die, but today we are considering what happens here on earth.  Do we have the power to help create heaven or hell here?  What would that look and feel like?  


October 13

What would it be like to "own" our anger?  People are often told to stuff or hide their anger, but what if we hold on to it and honor it.  Could it help us have healthier relationships?  Can we accept our anger and still be compassionate people?  


October 27 

What would it be like to give and receive "forgiveness"?  People use different languages when they share apologies.  Could understanding and using different types of apologies improve our relationships?  At home and at work? 


November 10

What would it be like to age, get sick, and die "with dignity"? What would it be like to support others in doing so?  


December 8

What would it be like to have "hope" during the darkest season of the year?  With many messages promoting a commercial type of happiness this time of year, what fills your heart with love and hope?  


December 22

What would it be like to revisit "radical hospitality" and practice it this time of year?  How would practicing radical hospitality bring hope to yourself and others?  


January 5

What would it be like to start the New Year off with compassionate intention?  People often make resolutions to change, but what if we instead (or also) consider our spiritual selves.  What areas of your spirit would you like to grow?  What areas would you like yo compassionate support others in growing?  


January 19

What would it be like to feel safe and confident when coping with bad stuff?  We are often frozen and afraid when challenging times hit, so what can we do to practice compassion with ourselves and others to make it easier?  

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